Best Table Saw Under 300

Table saws come in a wide price range. Some are quite expensive, but you will still come across budget table saws that function just as well. 

In this article, we are going to focus on the best table saw under 300, so if you are looking for the best budget table saw you will definitely find one it the list. 

We will also include a detailed table saw buying guide to help you make an informed decision, but first, let's look at the factors to consider when buying a table saw...

Factors to consider when buying a table saw - Table saw buying guide

Here are some important factors to consider when buying a table saw because they will directly influence the overall performance of the saw.


Go for table saws with folding stands as they save on storage and transporting space, they can fit in your car boot or garage easily. Plus the portable stands make it easy to set-up the table saw anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, making it convenient for on-the-go users.

The material used in the construction of the table saw should also be lightweight to make carrying it around very easy and convenient. Besides, it should also be sturdy to make the table saw stable during the cutting process.

If the material used in its construction is lightweight and not sturdy, then the table saw will wobble during the cutting process giving you a junk cut.

The table saw Motor Size

The most common motor in most table saws is the 15 amp motor size, which gives you revolutions of up to 4000 per minute. The blades should be rotated at high speeds for even and smooth cuts.

You should go for table saws with higher revolutions per minute when making rip cuts as they don't result in uneven edges on the workpiece.

Miter Gauges

The best models come with miter gauges for 90 and 45 degrees and they should include a hard stop at these angles to make them convenient for making angled cuts on your material.

Saw Dust Ports

This feature is important as it collects dust when operating the saw, if dust is left flying around, it might obscure your vision resulting in a bad cut or injuries. The best models come with vacuum dust ports that siphon the sawdust from the workpiece. It leaves your work area clean especially if you work indoors.

Table saw Fences

You should settle for models with self-aligning fences as they are flexible when working on larger workpieces, also, the fences should be engraved with measurement units for precise cuts on your workpieces.

Table saw Safety

Check if the table saw has some blade guards to protect you from injuries in case the blade shatters or comes off the handle at high speeds. Also, go for transparent blade guards as you can see the blade during the cutting process.

Table saw Blade

The blades can either be 10" or 12" in diameter, choose the blade diameter depending on the type of finish you want on your workpiece. For smoother cuts, go for a larger blade with more teeth. If the material being cut is thicker, you should settle for smaller blades as they have more power.

The blade material should be carbide for maximum wear resistance and added strength. These blades give you value for your money and they don't require sharpening often.

Another thing is the number of blade, go for table saws with more blades for you to perform more cutting applications. Some brands come with 4 to 5 blades in the package, which is a good bargain.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Table Saw

Why is there burning when am cutting through the material?

There are several causes of this phenomenon, one of them might be blunt table saw blades. Blunt blades have a higher cutting resistance which results in increased cutting temperatures and this phenomenon causes the material being cut especially wood to burn.

Another cause might be poor blade alignment, which causes blade drag and heeling.

The best solution is to replace the saw blade as soon as the kerfs develop an unusual shape.

Another solution is to check the blade tension and alignment, this process can be done using the included blade wrench in the package and also follow the manufacturer's instructions when tensioning the blade.

What are table saws used for? Table saw uses

Table saws are versatile pieces of equipment and their functions range from making rip and crosscuts on any material being cut, plus you can make miter and bevel angle cuts with the assistance of a miter gauge. You need to feed the material to the table saw during the cutting process.

What is the best table saw for the money?

The best table saw for the buck is the DEWALT DW745 Table Saw because it is both portable and powerful for your daily needs as a contractor or a handyman.

One of its main advantages is its large rip capacity of up to 20", which makes it easy for you to work on medium to large workpieces. Plus the cutting depths are deeper than other table saw brands in the market.

What causes resin to build-up on the blade?

After some time, you may notice that resin begins to build-up on the blade. This occurrence could be due to two reasons, one, and the blade's revolutions per minute is too high. You should consider going for a smaller motor than what you already have to mitigate this problem.

Another reason might be that the blade has a higher tooth count than what you need. You should consider replacing it with a smaller blade size with fewer tooth count.

How should you maintain the table saw? table saw maintenance

Maintenance of the table saw is key as it impacts on its performance and durability. The first maintenance practice should be cleaning the table saw by removing all dust and debris.

Plus, you can polish the table saw with some wax and also wash any plastic parts with soapy water. One thing to note is that you should unplug the table saw before carrying out any maintenance practice for safety reasons. 

What can a table saw cut?

Table saws can cut through most materials like wood and wood composites, metals like aluminum and bronze, and lastly, table saws can cut through ceramic material. Always choose a table saw with the correct blade for you to get the performance when cutting through your workpiece.

5 Best Table Saw under 300

1. DEWALT DW745 Table Saw

Why we like it: one of the best features is the telescopic fence rails which offer you unlimited cutting height preferences when fine-tuning your cutting requirements.


This table saw is best suited for those looking for an entry-level table saw which they can carry it around with ease, and also easy to set up.


The 15 amp motor can spin the 10-inch blades at speeds of 3850 revolutions per minute, which is more than enough for your daily cutting needs either as a contractor or a handyman.

Another good feature is the steel cage that houses the motor area and protects it from any falling objects that might damage the motor increasing its durability.


One of the main reasons why this table saw is the best for contractors and professionals, is the large rip fence which can accommodate up to 20" of materials when making rip cuts. Other table saws don't even come close to this height.

You can make up to 3 1/8 inches in cutting depth on any material when cutting at a 90 degrees angle. This depth reduces to 2 ¼ inches when cutting at angles of 45 degrees.

Table saw safety

In terms of safety, this table saw scores highly as it comes with a blade guard, a miter gauge and a push stick. Speaking of the miter gauge, some users are concerned that it is made of plastic and also, it doesn't perform well until you screw it to an auxiliary fence because clamping tends to lift it.

The other setback is that only about 10% of the dust makes it to the exhaust port, the other 90% gets trapped beneath the stand. It makes it difficult to clean your work station if you work indoors.


  • It is the best table saw for making rip cuts on wood as the rip fence can accommodate up to 20" in cutting heights
  • The teeth of the blade are made of carbide for maximum wear resistance prolonging their useful life
  • It is lightweight and compact for you to move it around with ease
  • It comes with a 15 amp motor to make the cutting process faster
  •  The blade guards help prevent injuries in case the blade shatters


  • The exhaust port is ineffective at collecting dust, it should be made wider than the current 2 ½ inches
  • 2. Rockwell Bladerunner Portable Table Saw

    Why we like it: The Rockwell table saw is affordable and portable, making it best for do-it-yourself tasks and also for contractors. Furthermore, you can set it up in a matter of seconds so that you get to work immediately.


    Weighing only 15 pounds, this table saw is extremely lightweight making it a good option for on-the-go contractors. Plus there is a tabletop handle built in its frame which makes it convenient to haul it from one location to the other safely.


    You'll find a 5.5 amp motor under its hood which produces about 3hp or 3000 engine strokes per minute. This power is more than enough for you to accomplish most of your projects.


    The four 4" T-shank blades in this table saw gives you a variety of cuts ranging from rip cuts, miter cuts, crosscuts, and scroll cuts.

    One unique feature in the Rockwell table saw is the motion range jigsaw blade which makes it capable of making difficult cuts on your workpiece when compared to the standard jigsaw blades.

    This blade can cut through 1 ¼ inches of plastic, 1 ½ inches of wood, 1/8 inches of mild steel and 3/8 inches of ceramic or aluminum.


    • You can perform splitter cuts on wider workpieces thanks to the hold down guards
    • The large rip fence gives you accurate levels of cuts and consistency
    • It comes with a vacuum port which takes care of the sawdust, making clean up easy
    • The jigsaw blade can perform more difficult cuts when compared to circular blades
    • It is both compact and lightweight making it best for on-the-go needs


    • The accuracy of this table saw is a concern for those who prefer fine finish works

    3. SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw

    Why we like it: this table saw gives it users' accurate measurements thanks to the EZ Measuring system on the fence. You don't need additional measuring instruments which makes it convenient to use.


    This table saw comes with a folding stand, which makes it best for contractors who are always on the go. Plus it makes it easy to set up and install the saw in any working environment.


    This table saw comes with a 15 amps motor capable of producing about 2 horsepower, this power is enough to power the blade for any project at hand.


    The blades are 10 inches in diameter, and they can cut up to 3.5 inches in height on any material, which makes it good for an entry-level table saw.

    In addition to that, you can measure the materials accurately using the EZ Measuring system that is engraved on the rip fence. You don't need an additional instruments with this table saw.

    Another great feature is the folding table, apart from being easy to set up, it extends to give you more room when cutting larger and wider workpieces. Plus there is an on-board storage compartments for your tools, which minimizes any loses.

    One setback is the absence of a dust port, which makes it tricky to use the table saw indoors. The manufacturers oversaw this feature because this table saw is meant for use outdoors.


    • The folding stand makes it convenient for on-the-go contractors and handymen
    • The table has extensions to accommodate large workpieces
    • It can cut up to heights of 3.5 inches which is good for an entry-level table saw
    • The 15 amps motor provides more power for you to finish your projects on time
    • It comes with additional safety features like the finger guard, the riving knife and the kickback guard


  • No dust collection port, but this table saw is meant for outdoor use
  • 4. WORX WX572L Table Saw

    Why we like it: this table saw comes with 5 T-shank blades suitable for different applications like cutting through ceramic materials, aluminum and wood composites, plus the blades can be changed quickly using the simple blade change feature where no tools are required to change the blade.


    This table saw is small and compact, weighing about 8 pounds and you can easily move it from place to place depending on your work environment.


    The 27-watt motor is powerful enough for your daily cutting needs, which makes it the best table saw for small and medium projects.


    There are five T-Shank blades for cutting a variety of materials like wood, metal, and ceramic. Changing the blades is a breeze, you only need to press the red button on top of the table saw to remove and replace the blade, and this feature makes this table saw safe to use.

    You'll also notice the large fences that help you get precise cuts when making rip cuts on wood. These fences are made of steel for added strength and durability when cutting large workpieces.

    Rubber grips

    Besides, this table saw comes with small rubber grips which prevent the table saw from sliding when in use. It also absorbs the vibration making the whole cutting process quieter.


    One setback is that it comes with shorter arms for directing the material being cut. It means that you can't cut any material longer than 10" in length. The good news is that you can remove and replace the short arms.


    • This table saw is super lightweight and you can carry it around easily
    • The rubber grips absorb any vibrations of the table saw, making the whole process quieter
    • It comes with 5 T-shank blades for cutting various materials
    • The wider rip fence and the splitter helps control the material when making those rip cuts
    • Easy to replace and install the blades


    • The short arms limit your cutting length to 10", but you can remove and replace the arms for longer ones

    5. Dobetter Portable Table Saw

    Why we like it: the wheel design makes it more suitable for on-the-go users as the large 8" wheels make moving this table saw a lot easier.


    The foldable stand makes it easy to set it up on any work station, whether indoors or outdoors. Plus it is lightweight and compact for on-the-go contractors and handymen.


    The powerful 15 amps motor can rotate the blades at speeds of 4800 revolutions per minute, at these speeds, you can cut through various materials like wood and metal.

    Another advantage is the no-load protector which makes it possible to reset the table saw in addition to protecting the motor from damage.


    The 10" 60 tooth blade is carbide-tipped for maximum wear resistance, plus it gives you clean and smoother cuts which require minimal sanding afterward.

    The rip capacity for the blade is 8 ¾ inches in both directions, making it best for making rip and crosscuts on wood and other materials. Its maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees bevel angle is 3" while at 45 degrees bevel angle, the depth reduces to 2".

    Self-aligning rip fence

    Another convenient feature is the self-aligning rip fence which makes it possible for you to attain accurate measurements. Furthermore, you can cut large and wider workpieces on this table saw as the aluminum table comes with extensions.

    Also, the integrated dust port is convenient as it uses a vacuum to siphon the sawdust and this feature makes it easy to clean up your workstation since flying dust obscures your vision when cutting.


  • This table saw is best for making rip and linear cuts
  • The blade guard is transparent for you to see where the blade is cutting
  • The large 8" wheels make this table saw more portable for on-the-go users
  • .The blade is carbide-tipped for added strength and durability
  • The folding stand saves on storage space when transporting or storing the table saw in your garage
  • Cons

  • The cutting depth is low for a table saw this size
  • Wrapping up

    Rest assured that the products we reviewed in this best table saw under 300 guide are of good quality, reliable and affordable. They give you good value for your money, plus they come with some great features.

    Our top pick is the DEWALT DW745 Table Saw which offers users one of the largest rip cutting capacity when compared to the other table saw brands. Besides, it is affordable to most handymen, do-it-yourself users, and contractors.

    Another advantage is that it is lightweight and compact for ease of moving it around depending on your working area.

    If you are on a tight budget, you should check out the best budget table saw Rockwell Bladerunner X2 Table Saw which can make a variety of cuts on wood, aluminum, PVC, and ceramic material.

    Plus, you can change the blades easily without any tools which makes it convenient and safe to use. Another advantage is that it is lightweight for you to carry it around easily.

    But, remember that your safety comes first. To avoid injuries, check out the table saw safety rules before you begin using your table saw. All the best!

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