Best Chainsaw Under 200 – 2020 Product reviews and buying tips

What will you get from this article? two chainsaws under the best chainsaws under 100 category, five chainsaws under the best chainsaw under 150 category, and five chainsaws under the best chainsaw under 200 category. Let's go...

​The last decade has seen a tremendous change in the chainsaw industries. Most industries have invested in developing innovative chainsaws that are effective, economical, durable, and powerful.

Gone are the days when the market was saturated with oil-powered chainsaws. Today, electric and battery-powered chainsaws are proving more efficient at a lesser cost.

Do you love felling trees or trimming branches in your compound? A good chainsaw can help you reach this goal. Whether the chainsaw is powered by gasoline or battery, ensure your oil levels are in check.

Then, get the motor running and have the blades rotating before cutting any branches. Electric chainsaws have a switch while gasoline-powered chainsaws have a pulling cord. Let the chainsaw attain its maximum voltage before cutting and trimming any branches.

However, when looking for a good chainsaw, what exactly should you be looking for? It is wise to find out the blade length and power, your safety, comfort, the kind of outdoors chores you need to undertake, and the longevity of the machine.

The EGO Power CS1400 14inch 56Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw is our top pick since it meets all these expectations and surpasses them. It is very environmentally friendly, has minimal noise and produces fewer vibrations.

Besides, its lithium-ion battery lasts for long and can be used for different activities. Although it has a high price tag, there are other options you can look into when looking for suitable chainsaw.

Best chainsaw under 100

1. Black+Decker 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Why we like it: Looking for a quality cheap chainsaw under 100? The Black+Decker is a suitable chainsaw for felling and pruning branches.

With a 10’’ bar as well as chain, the chainsaw performs both smoothly and fast. It features an Oregon low kick blade. This blade can be used for a variety of cuts ranging from felling trees to trimming fallen branches.

Besides, for an easy cutting session, the oil system is strategically placed to lubricate the chain. Mixing of oil problems and leaks have been addressed in this machine.

Furthermore, for quick and fast adjustments, there is a tool-free tension mechanism. A clockwise or anti-clockwise turn creates a perfect chain tension.

This Black+Decker needs a 20V battery which cuts an 8’’ tree at ease. This battery lasts five times longer than ordinary batteries. Also, this battery is interchangeable and can be used on other electronics that need the same voltage.

The maximum voltage during ignition is 20V which is measured when the battery is not in use while the nominal is 18volts.


  • Inexpensive
  • Has a 10’’ Oregon bar
  • The blade and chain are automatically lubricated
  • Lightweight when felling trees
  • Cuts 8’’ tress easily
  • Uses an interchangeable battery
  • Cons

    • At times, the oil may leak

    2. Worx WG322 Cordless Chainsaw

    Why we like it: Say Goodbye to gasoline-powered chainsaws and enjoy the Worx WG322 battery-powered chainsaw.  With a lightweight design, the chainsaw performs greatly and exceeds expectations.

    The chainsaw blade measures 10’’ and has fast and clean cuts. With a 20volts power share, the machine works easily on tough jobs.

    Besides, the WG322 is lightweight, weighing about 10lbs. it also has a compact design with an ergonomic handle. This comfortable, ergonomic grip helps reduce fatigue when working and carrying the chainsaw around.

    For easy operation, this cordless chainsaw has automatic lubrication for blades and chains. This helps ensure the durability of the machine. Also, it includes chain auto-tension thereby lessening your worries.

    In terms of performance, this Worx chainsaw has both powers as well as torque. Despite this, it can be used by women for farm use since starting and operating the machine requires minimal effort and strength.

    The WG322 cordless chainsaw includes a charger and a 20V battery. There is an indicator on the chainsaw to show the progress of the battery. This will help you gauge when you need to recharge.

    For a quick review of this chainsaw, here are the numbers. The battery has a 20V maximum voltage, the chain runs at a speed of 12.5ft/s, the oil tank can take in 4.5 ounces, the chain pitch is 3/8'' while the chain gauge is 0.043'', the chain links are 40, and it takes 5hours to completely charge the battery.

    Also, the chainsaw enjoys a 3-year warranty.


  • Lightweight but efficient
  • Has a battery and oil indicator
  • Has an interchangeable battery
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Has plenty of torque and power
  • The chain is automatically lubricated
  • Cons

    • Cannot use the 40V battery

    Best Chainsaw Under 150

    3. DEWALT DCCS670B 60V Cordless Chainsaw

    Why we like it: Since 1923, DEWALT has been offering its customers with high quality, innovative machines. From safety, to design, to performance, the DEWALT DCCS670B exceeds expectations and is best for beginners and experts. It is compact to use for both small and powerful trees.

    This DEWALT Chainsaw is designed to be comfortable in your hands. Despite the pressure when cutting large trees, it has minimum pushbacks. It also has a perfect grip.

    Besides, it is lightweight too. Weighing just 9.4lbs, the chain saw can be carried wherever and whenever. Although it lacks a cover, it has a comfortable grip.

    On performance, the DCCS670B uses a 60V rechargeable battery to power its engine. This battery is not included in the package but it is not difficult to find either. It requires minimal charging time and lasts a couple of hours without slowing the machine down.

    The bar length on this cordless chain saw is 16’’ Oregon Bar which is quite longer than other chainsaws. This added length works as a great boost when cutting through large trees. It is great for outdoor cutting or during construction.

    Also, the DCCS670B has an extraordinary efficient brushless motor. Compared with other chain saws, this brushless motor has a longer running time as well as motor life. ​

    You no longer need to worry about carburetor issues, cold starts, fumes, and maintenance with this gas-free machine.

    The chain is pre-sharpened and ready for action once you unpack it. In case you feel the blades are dull, you can use a sharpening file.

    For efficiency, this DEWALT chain saw is equipped with a chain tensioning knob for proper clamping force. Also, it has a free bar tightened knob too.

    It is safe to use the DCCS670B saw since there is an on/off switch, a chain lock, and a cover to protect the saw when it is not in use.

    Furthermore, the chainsaw has a three-year warranty for any manufacturing defects. Besides, there is a separate warranty cover for the battery as well as the charging unit.


  • The blades are pre-sharped
  • Equipped with a chain tensioning knob for efficiency
  • Includes safety measures
  • It is lightweight and comfortable on hands
  • Has an efficient brushless motor
  • Has  minimal pushbacks
  • Cons

    • Does not include a chainsaw cover
    • The battery is not included

    4. Greenworks 12-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

    Why we like it: The Greenworks 12-inch 40V cordless chainsaw is powerful and eco-friendly. This chainsaw is perfect for homeowners, beginners, and expert arborists.

    You no longer need to worry about oil spillage with the new cordless Greenworks Chainsaw. Besides, there is no risk of gasoline and engine oil mixing.

    Unlike chainsaws operated by gasoline that are quite loud, this chainsaw is quiet. Despite this, it is still powerful when cutting.

    The Greenworks 40V chainsaw features a 12-inch Oregon bar as well as the chain. Cutting through a 10’’ tree is pretty easy on this chainsaw. Surprisingly, whether the chainsaw is cutting a small or large tree, all cuts remain clean.

    Next, the chainsaw contains plastic bucking teeth located next to the chain bar. These plastic teeth act as a pivot when cutting through large trees while the handle acts as a lever.

    For improved efficiency, this Greenworks chainsaw has a translucent oil reservoir that enables you to see and gauge the level of oil in the tank. Besides, the oil does not easily run out when the machine is in action.

    Besides, this oiler is automatic and ensures the blades and saw are oiled when necessary. This ensures the durability of the blades.

    Also, for quick and easy adjustments, there is a T-handle at the front to loosen the cover tensioner and bar. At the back, there is a round knob meant to adjust the length of the saw blade. Despite the rigorous activity involved, the T-handle and knob remain in place.

    This 40V cordless chainsaw uses 2.0 Ah batteries that may seem inefficient at first. However, this battery can last more than 25minutes and up to 75 cuts. Besides, it is quite easy to insert and remove the battery.

    When inserting the batteries, always ensure that the LED level lights face outwards. Also, there should be an audible click once the battery fits perfectly.

    There are 4 LED lights to show the power gauge. There is a button adjacent to the LED lights that when pressed, shows the level of battery power left.

    It is pleasing to learn that the Greenworks 40V chainsaw can also run with 4 Ah batteries. These batteries can run for 45minutes non-stop. Furthermore, you can interchange the batteries with other home appliances like air compressors, lawnmowers, and snow blowers.


  • Features a 12’’ Oregon blade
  • Makes clean cuts on both small and large trees
  • Has a powerful 40V battery
  • The chainsaw is eco-friendly
  • The battery has 4LED lights for power gauge
  • Uses an interchangeable battery
  • Cons

  • Lacks a proper safety mechanism in case of kickbacks
  • The plastic brushing teeth are not efficient
  • 5. Sun Joe SWJ599E Electric Handheld Chainsaw

    Why we like it: Sun Joe aims at helping you keep your home tidy all year round. This outdoor Sun Joe SWJ599E chainsaw is designed to be eco-friendly, lightweight and powerful.

    This limb master features a 14-inch blade with 9-amp power. Slicing through branches has never been easy. Also, the chainsaw can easily felly a 13.5’’ tree at ease.

    Weighing about 7.7lbs, the chainsaw is easy to carry around the compound by homeowners both young and old. Since it is electrically powered, one does not need to worry about an empty gasoline tank while working.

    Besides, safety measures have been observed. The SWJ599E has a safety switch that eliminates any chances of accidental starting. A simple push on the inbuilt switch is all you need to start the machine. There is also a handguard protective gear fused with kickback braking function.

    This electric hand-held chainsaw has an auto-oiler that keeps the chain lubricated. It also has a window where you can easily gauge the oil levels. The auto-oiler helps keep the blades running fast continually.

    The Sun Joe SWJ599E can be used for various activities around the home which include pruning branches, trimming and felling large trees. With a two year warranty, this product is the best you can find for the money.


  • Eliminates risks of accidental starts
  • Has a hand-guard protective gear
  • Features an auto-oiler and window to gauge the oil level
  • Has a 14’’ blade that has clean and fast cuts
  • The chainsaw is versatile
  • Needs minimal maintenance
  • Useful for homeowners
  • Cons

  • You need a long power cord with you since it is electrically powered
  • 6. WEN 40417 40V Max 16inch Brushless Chainsaw

    Why we like it: WEN 40417 Brushless Chainsaw is an effective chainsaw under 150. Not only does it produce less noise but it’s also eco-friendly and has a powerful engine.

    The WEN 40417 has a brushless motor that has speeds of 3200 rotations per minute and 45ft per minute.

    The 16inch Oregon bar and chain can cut through a 12’’-14’’ tree at ease. Besides, it fellies branches in seconds. Whether it is hardwood or softwood, the 40417 chainsaw is a great performer.

    The WEN chainsaw is lightweight and is easily portable around your yard. Also, there is minimal assembling needed therefore saving you time and energy.

    Furthermore, the machine is noiseless with minimal vibrations to reduce fatigue. It also has an automatic oiling system that keeps the blades lubricated at all times for durability. It also features a tool-free chain tension adjustment.

    This brushless chainsaw needs minimal maintenance compared to gasoline-powered chainsaws. Also, it has no fumes and smoke when switched on.


    • Has a 16’’ Oregon bar and chain
    • Has an automatic oiling system for durability
    • Has a tool-free chain tension changes
    • Has minimal noise as well as vibration
    • Needs minimal maintenance
    • Minimum assembling required


  • Isolated cases where the chain came off during cuts
  • If your budget allows you to spend more, here are more chainsaws that are above $150 but below $200

    Best Chainsaw under 200

    7. EGO Power CS1400 14inch 56Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw

    Why we like it: Despite a high price tag compared to the above list, the EGO Power CS1400 cordless chainsaw is the machine for cutting firewood, pruning branches, and felling trees. Ego Company has been producing creative and innovative designs in technology and it’s no wonder they make millions of purchases across the globe.

    The 14inch cordless chainsaw easily cuts trees with 8-10’’ diameter but can also cut a 12’’ tree. It features an Oregon bar and chain and an efficient brushless motor that makes fast and clean cuts.

    This CS1400 is durable thanks to the brushless motor system. The body is water-resistant too meaning the chainsaw can be used in all seasons.

    Also, since the chainsaw is battery powered, it needs minimal maintenance, unlike gas-powered machines that may clog when not used over time. This machine is the best for a person who rarely uses the chainsaw.

    Starting and stopping the machine is pretty easy. Have the chain brake in the right position, press in the lockout switch, pull the trigger and the machine will be running in a few seconds.

    To stop the machine, just release the throttle and push the brake handle forward. This means that in between cuts, you can stop the machine since it is easy to switch on and off. Adjusting the chain tension is quite easy too.

    Besides, the EGO power saw is lightweight and eco-friendly. It emits minimal noise where one does not need to wear protective gear in the ears. It has 80 dB(A) which is quite enough and poses no risk after prolonged use.

    Furthermore, the vibrations levels are minimal too. This means you can operate the machine several hours a day without injuring your limbs.

    This chainsaw can use a 2.0Ah or 2.5Ah battery. A standard charger is included in the package as well as the batteries. In case of any defects, the product has a five-year warranty on the chainsaw and a 3year warranty on the battery kits.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Makes minimal vibration and sounds
  • Easy to start and stop and can be switched off between cuts
  • Best for everyday use as well as several times a year
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cons

  • You have to lubricate the blades manually
  • The 0.043’’ gauge is not as strong as 0.50’’ gauge
  • 8. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw ( CMCCS620M1)

    Why we like it: Designed to create a memorable outdoor activity, the CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Chainsaw is not only a performer but durable as well. It requires minimal maintenance yet delivers clean, smooth cuts.

    It features a 14inch bar and a low chain kickback. This 40V chainsaw is run by a 2.0Ah battery that is interchangeable among other Greenworks appliances.

    This cordless chainsaw can cut up to 75cuts on a single battery charge. 60minutes charge can get the battery up and running for up to 60cuts. Despite having to manually adjust the chain tension, the blade is an exemplary performer.

    Besides, the chainsaw has a powerful brushless and digital motor that has a longer running time and works quietly. This machine is suitable for homeowners who have kids and pets.

    Since the 40V chainsaw has an electric start, the machine is free of gas, carburetor, fumes, a starter rope, and spark plug. Switching the machine on and off is easy so one can switch it off when taking breaks.

    The vibration produced when working is 70% less, therefore, reducing the chances of limb fatigue and aches. It is lightweight too and only weighs 7.6lbs making it portable.

    For efficiency, the chainsaw has an auto-oiler that keeps the blades lubricated. Also, the oil tank is translucent so once the oil levels decrease, you can gauge when to refill the oil bar.

    The Greenworks 14inch cordless chainsaw is durable and has a 4-year warranty while the battery has a 3-year warranty.


  • Has a bubble level
  • Features a 4.0Ah powerful battery
  • Has a maximum voltage of 20v
  • Adjusting chain tension is tool-free
  • Has an auto-filler and one can tell when the oil levels have reduced
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Cons

  • Not ideal for large trees
  • 9. Greenworks 14inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

    Why we like it: With improved technology, the Greenworks 14inch 40V cordless chainsaw is the machine to take home with you. It can be used to fell trees for firewood and prune branches.

    This craftsman chainsaw has a 20’’ bar and chain that chops and slices trees into small pieces. It also uses a 20volts battery and runs at 20V on maximum voltage. This battery capacity can last you 20-25minutes while working non-stop.

    The chainsaw is powered by a 4.0A.h battery which is not only powerful but durable too. Also, it can be used with other CRAFTSMAN appliances, therefore, reducing costs.

    Adjusting the chain tension is simple since no tools are required. There is a knob specifically for adjusting chain tension thereby simplifying work.

    Besides, there is a bubble level that helps achieve accurate and precise cuts. Furthermore, oil levels are displayed. There is an automatic oiler too on the chain and blades and you can tell when the oil is almost finished.

    Since CRAFTSMAN prides itself on delivering quality products, they have issued a three-year warranty and a 90day refund period for dissatisfied customers. In case you need to make chain replacements, and bar replacements, the CMZCSC12, and CMZCSB12 parts are readily available respectively.


    • Comfortable and lightweight
    • Performs up to 75 cuts
    • One hour charge can last up to 60 cuts
    • Has an electric start
    • Noise-free and has minimal vibration
    •  Has a translucent oil gauge  and an auto-oiler


  • You have to manually adjust the chain tension
  • 10. Makita XCU03Z 18V (x2) Cordless 14’’ Chainsaw

    Why we like it: Lately, chainsaws have evolved from gasoline-powered machines to electric fueled thus the need for Makita to produce a high-quality electric chainsaw. The Makita XCU03Z fast, powerful, durable, and perfect for the DIY person.

    It is easy to operate this Makita chainsaw since there is an inbuilt Led light for on and off switch. What’s more, the machine switches itself off when it is idle therefore minimizing cost and maximizing battery life.

    Besides, there is a lock-off lever that ensures the blade does not accidentally engage. It has low noise levels of 100 dB.(A) and reduced vibration for your comfort. Your ears and hands are protected when using this cordless chainsaw.

    This 36V chainsaw has a brushless motor system that is as powerful as a 32cc gasoline-powered chainsaw. It can easily fell a 10’’ tree and smaller branches. XCU03Z uses two 18v Lithium-ion batteries for trimming and cutting trees.

    No tools are needed when adjusting the chain’s tension. Also, the oil reservoir is large and translucent for you to track the oil levels. Besides, the chainsaw has an automatic lubricating mechanism to keep the blades running throughout.

    Did you know that the Makita XCU03Z has a quick optimal charger that communicates to the battery on voltage, control current, and temperature for longer battery life? Now you know.

    The chainsaw weighs 11.35lbs and can be quite heavy for some. Also, it does not include the two batteries needed. However, the batteries are easy to find at a local store.


  • Has reduced noise levels
  • Zero emissions and vibrations
  • Has LED lights when the machine is on
  • Has a lock-off level that prevents the chain from engaging accidentally
  • Has a varying speed trigger
  • Perfect for DIY
  • Features an auto-oiler
  • Cons

    • Package does not include the two Lithium-ion batteries
    • The chainsaw is quite heavy compared to other electric saws

    11. DEWALT DCCS690B 40V Brushless 16’’ Chainsaw

    Why we like it: DEWALT DCCS690B 40V Chainsaw guarantees your performance, efficiency, budget cuts on gas, reduces noise, and customer satisfaction.

    The DCCS690B is battery powered and does not need a power cord for ignition. It has an instant start and stops button which makes it easy to switch the machine off when taking a break.

    Besides, this chainsaw needs minimal maintenance. With the elimination of carburetors an air filters, the machine has no spark plugs when running.

    If you are sensitive to noise, this brushless chainsaw emits little to no noise and is suitable for people with auditory issues. Also, it has minimal vibration making it comfortable to use several hours a day.

    This Delwart chainsaw has a 16’’ low kickback Oregon Bar as well as the chain. It also has a chain brake to prevent kickback. With a 40V powerful motor, the chainsaw can be used in rigorous tasks.

    This chainsaw can be used to demolish, cutting beams, and pruning tree limbs. It has an ergonomic handle and is easily portable when carrying out activities. The 40V battery has a longer-lasting time and is durable with up to 90 cuts in a single charge.

    Besides, it features a tool-free chain tensioning adjustments since there is a tightening knob for the bar and chain. There is an auto-oiling too for frequent lubrication of the chains.


  • Can be used for rigorous cutting
  • Emits minimal noise and fewer vibrations
  • Has a 16’’ low kick Oregon blade
  • Has auto-oiling to keep chains lubricated
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Cons

    • Does not include battery and charger

    Chainsaw Safety Tips

    Wrapping it up

    There are best chainsaw under 200 that are as powerful and efficient as the expensive ones. It all depends on the kind of machine you need for your outdoor activity. Take your time browsing through these chainsaws and enjoy maintaining a clean compound.

    A perfect chainsaw means performance and durability. Some machines can be used for curving, milling, and farm use as well as pruning and cutting trees. It all depends on your needs when choosing the best chainsaw for you.

    Our list above comprises the best chainsaw under 100, the best chainsaw under 150, and the best chainsaw under 200. Our aim was to write a comprehensive article on affordable but great chainsaws, and we hope that we have accomplished that. Let us know if you found the best chainsaw for your needs among the listed above. Thank you!

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